Eric Anderson, Pastor of United Church of Christ
Genie Phillips, Realtor at Coldwell Banker, Day Lum
Jan. 12 ~ Palace Theater.. What could be more fun than a Silent Movie Membership Mixer at the
Historic Palace Theater?  Dressing up in 1920s Flapper dresses! 
Jan. 20 ~ Club Member Mike Meyers gives his talk "I'm a Loser"
A year ago, Mike was overweight, had high blood pressure and Diabetes. Through diet and with the encouragement of THE BLUE ZONES PROJECT that encourages people to get out and walk... Mike has LOST 101 pounds, has his blood pressure down to normal and his Diabetes under control! 

Congrats and thanks for sharing, Mike! Sadly... none of the men dressed up!
Jan. 27 ~ Visiting PTA Garrison Command
Sergeant Major Thomas E. Campbell spoke to our club about the rigors of managing the Pohakuloa  Training Area.  A really interesting part of his talk was about their Stewardship of the Land up on the mountain. Campbell spoke about the 20 endangered plants and 4 endangered animals that PTA works to protect and even expand.  In addition, PTA oversees nearly 1200 Cultural Sites within their 132,000 acreage.  Helping in the fight against both plant and animal invasive species, hiring local Hawaiian Practitioners to manage and preserve sensitive sites and developing resources to utilize solar and possible geo-thermal alternatives makes PTA a credit to our community.
During 3 weeks in December and January  ~ Club Members Richard and Jenny Johnson worked with a handful of other volunteers to count all of the nesting albatross on the 3 islands in Midway Atoll.  Working in sectors, the team counted over 500,000 active nests.  Richard and Jenny have been leading this count every year since 2000.
Jan. 14 ~ Club Member Ed Hara was awarded one of the Boy Scouts of America's highest honors... the Silver Beaver!  Awarded to registered Scouting adults, this award recognizes Scouters of exceptional character who have provided distinguished service within a council.