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Nani Mau Gardens
421 Makalika Street
Hilo, HI  96720
United States

Volunteers needed to help Kua O Kala prepare a new classroom space for their elementary school division.  

We Plan to get started on Saturday 7/28 and Sunday 7/29, and would like to complete the balance of work Saturday 8/4 and Sunday 8/5.

We hope to complete enough of the work as possible to give a couple of days for the teachers to set up their classrooms

1. Clean up of Site, incl. power washing of sidewalks, outside of Building, Possibly roof if safe

2. Mowing of open area to put up aprox 40 x 80 ft tent between building and greenhouse

3. Demo of existing siding and trim damaged by termites and rot.

4. Cleaning inside of classrooms and prep for painting.

5. putting up large 40 x 80 tent for kids to have a dry space outside of classrooms

Wish list

Skilled carpenters or handymen

2 more power washers



Dump trailers or trucks to help with disposal of debris (will try to have a dumpster on site)

We will have volunteers to help feed lunch and drinks

For questions call Ron Cutler 808-443-9546 or text