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May 2017
May 11 ~ Rotary Park in Hilo ~ Our "Golden Three"
   The meeting held on Thursday, 5/11/17, was no ordinary club meeting. It was a very special event that celebrated our distinguished “GOLDEN THREE” of the Rotary Club of Hilo, Bobby Fujimoto, Jimmy Yagi, and Russ Oda (seen here with President Randy Hart and Mayor Harry Kim standing behind one of the three loulu palm trees planted in their honor). These amazing gentlemen have given over 150 years in service through the Rotary Club of Hilo! The meeting venue was just as exceptional since it was held at the Rotary Park a.k.a. Kuhio Kalanianaole Park in Hilo.
   According to President Randy Hart, the Rotary Park was initiated 14 years ago, in 2003, when hard working members of the Rotary Club took the lead to invest sweat equity and clean up the once squalid park; hence its alias,
Rotary Park. In fact, most recently, club members took the time to tame the canopied hala tree that stands tall & proud overlooking the water’s edge. It is this kind of action that is reflective of the very heart and soul of the club and its collective theme of SERVICE ABOVE SELF.
   According to President Randy, Bobby Fujimoto’s monetary contributions allowed the club to extend its service and aid both locally and internationally. Jimmy Yagi’s basketball prowess has afforded him the opportunity to impress core values and work ethics upon the youth of Hawaii. As for Russ Oda, he was christened by President Randy as the “young one” in the group; however, don’t be fooled by his youth because Russ has architecturally put his stamp around Hilo town. Aside from designer talents, in 1970, Russ took on a key role in founding our club’s connection to the Rotary Club of South Hiroshima.
   After presenting the “Golden Three” with certificates of Appreciation, Mayor Kim noted that we all should leave this place that we call home a better place. These “Golden Three” have done just that.
May 5 ~ Club Members support the Friends!
The Friends of the Children's Justice Center of East Hawaii hold a special place in the hearts of our club.  Eight Rotary members sponsored a table at the Friends’ Gala. The "Friends" are one of the two beneficiaries of the upcoming 2017 Hilo Brewfest.
May 6 ~ Brewfest Ticket Sale Day

The public wants tickets to our annual fundraiser (coming up on June 24!), so club members held a TICKET SALE DAY at Mehana Brewery... tickets and free beer sampling!  Yeah!
May 19 ~ “Glam Bags” Report

About 60 bags (purses) were filled with toiletries and hygiene products and will be distributed through Hope Services to women in need in East Hawaii!
Rotary Supports College Scholarships!

Victoria Magana Ledesima (top photo) was our club’s 2017 $1000 UH Hilo Scholarship awardee.  
Nicholas Ohara (seen here with his parents)  was awarded a $5000 Hawaii Rotary Youth Scholarship towards his goal of a major in Mechanical Engineering. I mua Students!
May 2017 2017-06-05 10:00:00Z
Wow!  The National Geographic Travel's BEST SUMMER TRIPS 2017 just mentioned our Brewfest! If you are planning to go.. get your tickets now at our website... www.hilobrewfest.com and we'll see you there!
HILO BREWFEST MAKES IT TO THE BIG TIME! Marcia 2017-05-15 10:00:00Z
April 2017
Beverly Heikes - Read Aloud Coordinator & Trainer
April 7 - Report of grant monies going to Taiwan
Stew Hussey and Anna Lui tell the club about the club grant monies that helped two projects in Taiwan. Anna is holding the certificate... and she read it for us!
April 21 ~ Hokule’a Talk by Wally Wong
At a club meeting at the YMCA, Wally regaled the members with tales and photos of the canoe’s
48 mile journey through the Panama Canal.
April 27 ~ We’re visited by World Travelers!
Rotarians Sita Rupalcheti from Kathmandu, Nepal and Gunther and Helena Acheson from Remstal, Germany visit our club and present Rotary “banners”. Our own club members take “our” banner (seen being held by Sita) to exchange when they travel to other clubs on the mainland and internationally.
April 1 ~ Hilo Heart Walk
Club Rotarians are always ready for a Walk to help a great cause.
Waiakea Interact students also participated.
April 8 ~ Laupahoehoe Music Festival
Out in Laupahoehoe helping a great festival to raise funds for the Laupahoehoe Charter School.
April 15 ~ Rotary Park in Hilo
It takes a lot of “down n’ dirty” Rotarians to make significant headway on an overgrown park!  
BIG MAHALO to Matson for the financial backing in their KA IPU AINA (Caring for the Land) campaign!
April 22 ~ Merrie Monarch Parade
Our own Nancy Cabral rides in this year’s parade and is accompanied by club members who walked with the Rotary contingent. Yep, members are walking again!
April 30 ~ Lantern Launch at Hospice of Hilo
Our busy Waiakea High Interact and UHH Rotaract students join forces at the Celebration of LIfe
ceremony at Wailoa State Park.
During May ~ Reading in Kindergarten
Over 400 keiki in local schools will hear about how “Giraffes Can’t Dance” as club members fan out to read to classes.  And all students will receive their own copy of the book! Member Glenn Harris tells us about the fun book for May Reading!
April 2017 2017-05-09 10:00:00Z
Celebrating the Life of Theresa English
Theresa Marie English
May 21, 1950 - October 24, 2016
Today we celebrated the life of our former member, Theresa English.  The service was held at the Hilo Coast United Church of Christ in Honomu where she was a member since moving to Hawaii in 2009.  Theresa joined our club in 2010 and was active in numerous fund raisers and community projects as well as serving on the board of our club's foundation. Her smile and enthusiasm will be missed.
Celebrating the Life of Theresa English Kerry Glass 2016-12-17 10:00:00Z
Welcome incoming president Randy
The Rotary Club of Hilo had it's new installation of officers. It's the beginning of a new year and another year of service to the community. (Pictured: Past Year President Wally Wong and Current Year President Randy Hart)
Welcome incoming president Randy 2016-06-30 10:00:00Z
Another successful Hilo Brew Fest
Thank you to our Breweries, Restaurants, Sponsors, 150+ Volunteers and YOU!
Another successful Hilo Brew Fest 2016-06-30 10:00:00Z
Yearly Awards
What a great year for the Rotary Club of Hilo. In the Large Club Division we Took First Place for International Service and Public Image and First Runner Up in Youth Service.
Yearly Awards 2016-06-12 10:00:00Z
95th Anniversary Tree Planting
Ceremonious tree planting with the Rotary Club of Hiroshima South.
Pictured l to r:  Wally Wong, Harvey Tajiri, Rimban Jeffery Soga, Reverend Daido Baba, Shigeo Mimura, Gakuhito Ito and Takuya Maekawa.
In celebration of our 95th anniversary, the Rotary Club of Hilo and the Rotary Club of Hiroshima South, planted a black pine tree in the Liliuokalani Gardens as a symbol of peace and friendship.  Both clubs have held a Rotary Sister Club relationship over the last sixty years with the sharing of cultural traditions, youth education and fellowship.
95th Anniversary Tree Planting 2015-12-06 10:00:00Z
Rotaract Club of Port Louis, Mauritius "Live with Dignity"
President Wally Wong presented a check for $2000 from our club and the Honolulu Sunset Club (Oahu) to support the "Live with Dignity" project sponsored by the Rotaract Club of Port Louis, Mauritius..
Roopesh Koolwant, president of the Rotaract Club of Port Louis, took Wally and several other crew members of the Hokule'a on a tour of their project.   "Live with Dignity" will help 8 families over the next 8 months to fix their homes and water supplies.  The goal is to provide water tanks to the poor, train the homeless with some renovation skills, and help with repairs.  They will be posting videos of their progress on YouTube over the next 8 months.  Our club's contribution of $950 purchased the water tanks for the families.
Rotaract Club of Port Louis, Mauritius "Live with Dignity" 2015-09-21 10:00:00Z
Malama Honua
Pictured l to r:  Wally Wong, Risto & Dona Poskiparta and Bruce Blankenfeld
In pursuit of this year’s Rotary International theme “BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD,”
The Rotary Club of Hilo seized an opportunity to deliver humanitarian aid with a personal touch to two sister Rotary Clubs in the Indian Ocean.  The Club's President, Wally Wong, had coincidentally been selected to travel on the Hokule'a Voyaging Canoe during its August, 2015 journey through the Indian Ocean.  As a crew member representing Hawaii’s long tradition of international maritime navigators, and as the President of The Rotary Club of Hilo, Wally had a unique dual role opportunity to deliver a gift to two Rotary sister clubs in Bali and on the Island of Mauritius.
Flying into Bali, Wally delivered a check to the Rotary Club of Bali Nusa Dua for $3,500 to further that club's HIV/AIDS project that provides scholarship funds for underprivileged and disadvantaged children in Bali affected by HIV / AIDS.  The Rotary Club of Hilo contributed $3,000 and the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunrise added another $500.
"This journey with the Hokule'a is one I won’t ever forget," said Wong.  "It's always amazing to me how Rotary can provide an immediate personal relationship—whether locally, nationally or internationally.  It was just like lunching with our own Hilo club!  And members of the Rotary Club of Nusa Dua were really gracious hosts,” Wong concluded.
Malama Honua Stew Hussey 2015-08-16 10:00:00Z
Kaumana Cleanup
Hilo Rotarians completed our second clean up of this area in Kaumana with the assistance of members from our UH Hilo Rotaract Club.  Mahalo to Matson Navigation for sponsoring this event and donating $1000 to our Hilo Rotary Club Foundation.


Kaumana Cleanup 2015-08-06 10:00:00Z